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Sky officially announces FTTP to Openreach FTTP footprint

The official launch of Sky FTTP may seem a bit of an anti-climax as there has been such a long journey to this point with numerous soft launches but the official launch is worth highlighting.

Sky Full Fibre is available in two forms

  • Sky Superfast using the 80/20 FTTP product at £27/m
  • Sky Ultrafast using the 160/30 FTTP product at £35/m

The aveage speeds are 59 Mbps (which oddly seems to also be the same as the old VDSL2 product) and 145 Mbps on the ultrafast (matching the average) respectively. FTTP does not suffer from distance issues so will connect at the speed purchased, what does vary is peak time load since the Internet and core ISP network is a shared medium and the Ofcom/ASA rules on speed require providers to take into account the peak time speed d

Launching FTTP, the UK’s most advanced broadband technology, reflects Sky’s commitment to innovation and providing customers with the fastest and most reliable broadband possible. This means, with Sky Broadband Ultrafast, we can offer our customers average speeds that are 12x faster than standard enabling customers to download, stream, browse, work from home and game freely.

Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions, Sky Broadband

Our package search was already showing the two packages in areas where Openreach FTTP is deployed and we know about it. Importantly Sky says its service will be available to the whole Openreach FTTP footprint apart from a small number of households.

No doubt there will be moans that they are only selling the 160 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload variant but this is probably the sweet spot in terms of price and performance at this time.?

For those wondering why the Sky press release talks of 31,000 premises a week added to the FTTP footprint, welcome to the joy of press releases which can take many weeks from original draft to final publication. One final clarification the release talks of the ultrafast service being available to 7.1 million premises by March 2021, this is the expected figure for the combined footprint of and FTTP.?


so when is 'hyperfast' and 'xtrafast' ???

  • comnut
  • 20 days ago

As usual you have find the T&C's and search through the small print to find the out of contract pricing, so:
Sky Superfast using the 80/20 FTTP @ £27/m for 18 months, then £32/m
Sky Ultrafast using the 160/30 FTTP @ £35/m for 18 months, then £44/m

It appears that in non-FTTP areas they intend using SOGEA/SOGFast so the voice service will be provided by the Sky Hub for both full fibre and copper delivery.

  • tdw42
  • 18 days ago


Surely you always have to search any ISP's t&c's. As usual just call at the end of the initial term and negotiate a new deal.

  • broadband66
  • 18 days ago

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