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Virgin Media outage affected parts of London

Our speed test analysis looks at the speeds for the major providers and unusual patterns in test volume and while we knew about the Virgin Media problems in London earlier today neither the test volume or observed speeds were anything worth reporting.

As the day progressed though the pattern we could see was that some parts of London were not getting speed tests from Virgin Media users in that area. Based on this the outage seems to have affected the Fulham, Southall, Northolt, Ruislip, Hounslow, Streatham, Camberwell and Catford areas of London.

Virgin Media has updated its outage page at 16:25 on 25th June declaring the outage cleared.

For those people who have been working from home and basically could not work for most of today, if the work from home is set to continue to some months consider getting work to install a second service using FTTC if available or ADSL2+ if the partial fibre services are not available. Even if your company will not pay for a second line, it may be worth considering especially if working from home is saving you more than a cheap backup service would cost. The other option is to utilise the Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile phone, though of course if there are local broadband problems the 4G networks are likely to be busy as people surge onto that. In suggesting a second line we are well aware that for some people with Virgin Media there are only slow ADSL2+ services available, but even 2 or 3 Mbps should let you do some work and for Zoom calls you can opt for the audio only option.

For the old hands used to home working the standard backup is the local coffee shop, but these are only open for takeaway service if open at all.

No doubt people will complain about the bad infrastructure in the UK and the state of the copper and coax local loops but for widespread outages like this it is usually a link into the core network that has failed or something similar rather than a DSL or DOCSIS fault. Core network and the various feeds into it are already full fibre based and we have seen some FTTP operators have similar issues from time to time.


Speed tests show almost 50% drop in speed. The normal 390-410mbit/s is now 210mbit/s.

  • Khan
  • 7 months ago

While some may be showing a speed drop this is not showing up in the overall stats for Thursday 25th

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 7 months ago

Fault may have originated in London but affected much wider areas.

  • mlmclaren
  • 7 months ago

The outage was much bigger than you suggest - I am in North Finchley N12 (VM area 21) and the service was out for a good part of the day.

  • Reged
  • 7 months ago

My speeds are still not back to normal. I'm getting around 32mpbs down, while I would normally get 200+...

  • whatanoob
  • 7 months ago

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